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Reading: Un viaje singular: al filo de la pandemia


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Un viaje singular: al filo de la pandemia


Nora Strejilevich

San Diego State University, US
About Nora
Nora Strejilevich is a writer and professor of Latin American Literature whose research focuses on the study of testimonial writings in the Southern Cone. She was granted the Letras de Oro Award for Hispanic Literature in the US (1996) for Una sola muerte numerosa (1997), published in English as A Single Numberless Death (2002), translated to German (2015) and Italian (2018), and adapted for the stage (Michigan, 2002). Beyond her articles and stories, her other titles are: El arte de no olvidar (2005), Un día, allá por el fin del mundo (2019), and El lugar del testigo. Escritura y memoria (2019). The Argentine National Arts Fund have granted this essay an Honorary Mention (2017). Her teaching and research, as a Fullbright Specialist and a Rockefeller Fellow (in the USA, Germany, Chile, Italy, Spain and Argentina) have always focused on literary testimony and the role of the witness.
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Traveling through California and the Americas at the start of the Covid-19 disaster, the chronicle portrays the beginning of what was later to be considered a pandemic. How it was dealt with in the US (how did the health system react, how people were treated at airports). It is a humorous account of events that, while entertaining, reveals the different reaction of two countries in the face of this disaster.
How to Cite: Strejilevich, N., 2020. Un viaje singular: al filo de la pandemia. Latin American Literary Review, 47(94). DOI:
Published on 01 Oct 2020.
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