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Letters to Chican@s from Oaxaca


J. César Díaz Calderón

University of Florida, US
About J.
Julio César Díaz Calderón are a Ph.D. student of Political Science at the University of Florida where they hold a Fulbright-García Robles Fellowship for Doctoral Studies. They started their academic journey as a student of International Relations at ITAM, México. They won a national prize for their first paper ‘Queer Diplomacy and the National Indecisions. The Executive Federal Actions About Sexual Diversity in Mexico’. They have published in different peer-reviewed journals such as Estudios de Género de El Colegio de México, FEMERIS: Revista Multidisciplinar de Estudios de Género, Foro Internacional, Buen Gobierno and Estudios. Filosofía, Historia, Letras.
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These poetic epistles emerged from the political and academic puzzling of a type of forgetting and of a recurrent practice in certain communities of Chican@s. I noticed the forgetting of transnational ties that bound diasporas with the territories of their ancestors. Also, I witnessed an increasingly recurrent practice of (mis)uses of decolonial vocabularies, such as ancestry, barrio, or gente, in art/ivism circles and circuits for their commodity value in neoliberal diversity writing (programs). These poems decried the importance of noticing fetishized contacts between cultures, places, and people.

How to Cite: Díaz Calderón, J.C., 2021. Letters to Chican@s from Oaxaca. Latin American Literary Review, 48(95). DOI:
Published on 06 Apr 2021.
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