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Andrea Navarro

State University of New York, FIT, VE
About Andrea
Andrea Navarro is a writer and poet from Venezuela, a country devastated by political unrest. She has been an immigrant since she turned 18 and moved to New York City to pursue higher education. Since then, she has also lived in México and Colombia. Growing up and having her most formative years outside of her home country has changed her perspective of life and love, themes she explores deeply in her poetry along with the notions of belonging and what makes a home.
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When you leave your home country, usually, you do not miss the country itself but the sense of belonging that being from somewhere grants you. Every immigrant knows intimately this particular yearning — even if you would not necessarily
return to your “origin galaxy” you cannot help imagining what things could have been had certain circumstances had just been different.
Should we go back to the beginning, before any devastation took place in our home countries? Or do we allow ourselves to think of all the possibilities that the future could bring, like a new country to belong to or even a stable homeland? In this sense, imagining what the future could be is a way of remembering what we once had, and lost.
How to Cite: Navarro, A., 2021. Dust. Latin American Literary Review, 48(95). DOI:
Published on 06 Apr 2021.
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