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Reading: A Series of Cueca Chilena


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A Series of Cueca Chilena


Paul Brooke

Grand View University, US
About Paul
Paul Brooke is the author of six books including Light and Matter, Meditations on Egrets, Sirens and Seriemas, Arm Wrestling at the Iowa State Fair, The Skald and the Drukkin Trollaukin, and Jaguars of the Northern Pantanal: Panthera onca at the Meeting of the Waters. His work has been published internationally in Australia, England, Ireland and New Zealand.
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These nine poems work together to form a narrative about a man who is broke and destitute in the mountains of Chile.
How to Cite: Brooke, P., 2022. A Series of Cueca Chilena. Latin American Literary Review, 49(98). DOI:
Published on 03 Apr 2022.
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