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Kilómetro 11


Mempo Giardinelli ,

writer and journalist, US
About Mempo
Mempo Giardinelli es escritor y periodista. Nació y vive en Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina. Exiliado en México entre 1976 y 1984, a su regreso fundó y dirigió la revista "Puro Cuento". Su obra literaria está traducida a 20 idiomas y recibió importantes galardones, entre ellos el Premio Rómulo Gallegos 1993. Y en 2006 recibió el Doctorado Honoris Causa en la Universidad de Poitiers, Francia.
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Cameron Hicks Baumgartner [Translator]

Independent Scholar
About Cameron
Cameron Baumgartner is a fiction writer and literary translator from Charlottesville, Virginia. She received her BA in linguistics and cognitive science from the University of Virginia, and she will study for the MFA in Creative Writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Spanish is her second language; she learned it as a teenager while living in a homestay in rural Paraguay.
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Mempo Giardinelli is an author and journalist from the Chaco province of Argentina. He fled to Mexico in 1976, at the beginning of Argentina’s Dirty War, his life endangered by writings the junta considered subversive. “Kilómetro 11,” published in 1999, takes place a few years after Argentina’s Dirty War has ended. It confronts the traumatic political persecution of that era while demonstrating the victims’ enduring humanity through startlingly merciful confrontations with their former jailers.
How to Cite: Giardinelli, M. and Baumgartner [Translator], C.H., 2017. Kilómetro 11. Latin American Literary Review, 44(88). DOI:
Published on 14 Dec 2017.
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