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Reading: Alto Oleaje


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Original creative work

Alto Oleaje


Ana Duclaud

University of Texas, Austin, US
About Ana
I am a second-year PhD Student in Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at Austin, originally from Mexico City. I received a bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature from Queen Mary University, London and a masters (MPhil) in European and Latin American Literature from the University of Cambridge. I am interested in the comparative study of avant-garde movements in France and Latin America, as well as in affect theory and media studies.
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This is short creative work I wrote in Spanish for a creative writing workshop at UT Austin. Written in small fragments that intermingle scenes from childhood with present-day reflections about life and literature, this piece details my experience with anxiety and trauma as a young girl; it addresses the difficulties that children often face when articulating emotional distress, particularly in relation to anxiety disorders. This piece also explores the power of literature as an affective space that can articulate our own emotional pain in a way that can provide solace; I speak of my experience reading Swann's Way for the first time, describing how, in the first few chapters of this novel, Proust gave words to my emotional trauma and vulnerability; reading about Marcel's struggles to fall asleep without his mother's kiss allowed me to better face and understand my own past.
How to Cite: Duclaud, A., 2022. Alto Oleaje. Latin American Literary Review, 49(99), p.None. DOI:
Published on 09 Sep 2022.
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