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Reading: "Listen to Irene Cara", "Octavio Paz and the Nobel", "The Goals of Diego Maradona"


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"Listen to Irene Cara", "Octavio Paz and the Nobel", "The Goals of Diego Maradona"


Shane Blackman

Wabash College, US
About Shane
Shane Blackman is a Visiting Scholar at Wabash College. Shane received a B.A. in Literature and History from Wabash College and an M.A. in History from Indiana University. At Wabash, Shane won the Walter Fertig Prize for Excellence in Writing, the Callimachus Literary Journal Award for Best Essay, and a coveted Distinction on the college’s comprehensive exams. At Indiana, he served as Assistant Editor of the Indiana Magazine of History. Shane has been a Lecturer in History at Indiana University and a Research Fellow at Yale University and Princeton University. Shane has taught Creative Writing in Arizona’s high schools, and his poems have been published in The Galway Review and The Mythic Circle. When the Nobel Prize winner and Irish writer Seamus Heaney was Professor of Poetry at Oxford University, Shane was a Visiting Scholar at Oxford. Seamus influenced how Shane creates and develops modern sonnets. Mr. Blackman has written a novel that will be published by Galway Academic Press in 2023.
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These 3 sonnets explore the lives of pop-star Irene Cara, author and Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz, and soccer legend Diego Maradona. Though one major sonnet form from literary history has included iambic pentameter, the sonnets here drop the iambic part, but keep the pentameter. In the history of the sonnet, there traditionally have been rhyme schemes. There is no particular rhyme scheme in these 3 sonnets. They are written with a mixture of free verse and rhyming. The poems span across Latin America -- from Mexico to Argentina and from Cuba to Puerto Rico -- and they celebrate the rich musical, literary, and sporting worlds of three icons and legends. The 3 sonnets employ ordinary language to describe extraordinary people, so that everyone and all readers can be inspired to be creative and to enjoy, shape, and impact the world.
How to Cite: Blackman, S., 2022. \"Listen to Irene Cara\", \"Octavio Paz and the Nobel\", \"The Goals of Diego Maradona\". Latin American Literary Review, 49(99), p.None. DOI:
Published on 09 Sep 2022.
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