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“Creative Control: Navigating Foreign Presence in Contemporary Dominican and Cuban Narrative and Film”


Andrea Easley Morris

Louisiana State University, US
About Andrea
Dr. Andrea Easley Morris is Associate Professor of Spanish at Louisiana State University and specializes in the literature and cultures of the Hispanic Caribbean. Her book, Afro-Cuban identity in Post-Revolutionary Novel and Film: Inclusion, Loss, and Cultural Resistance, was published by Bucknell University Press in 2012. She is currently completing the book project Dominican and Cuban Im/mobilities in Contemporary Literature and Film: A New Ethics of Encounter. The book examines how 21st century literary works and films reflect on and critique the power relations and ethics of encounters between travelers and locals, both on the islands and in countries where Dominican and Cuban immigrants settle.
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This article participates in debates surrounding the ethics of international travel through analysis of contemporary short fiction by Dominican writer Aurora Arias, and Cubans Alberto Guerra Naranjo and Mylene Fernández Pintado. Through characters who are local and foreign writers and scholars, these works highlight the ethics and politics of mobility existing in transnational encounters, and the ramifications for the creative process of Caribbean cultural workers. I examine what these works communicate about the struggle of Caribbean cultural workers to be recognized and heard by their counterparts based in North America and Europe, as well as a broader readership. Arias and Guerra employ metafictional elements to critique and challenge feelings of illegitimacy, while all three writers use humor to turn the tables on power relations and inspire reflection on the possibility of ethical encounters, and even collaboration, between local and foreign intellectuals.
How to Cite: Morris, A.E., 2018. “Creative Control: Navigating Foreign Presence in Contemporary Dominican and Cuban Narrative and Film”. Latin American Literary Review, 45(90). DOI:
Published on 28 Nov 2018.
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