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Reading: 5 poems by Ruperta Bautista Vázquez


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5 poems by Ruperta Bautista Vázquez


Paul M Worley

Western Carolina University, US
About Paul
Paul M Worley is Associate Professor of Global Literature at Western Carolina University. He published Telling and Being Told: Storytelling and Cultural Control in Contemporary Yucatec Maya, in 2013, and has recently published articles in A contracorriente, Studies in American Indian Literatures, and Latin American Caribbean Ethnic Studies. Stories recorded as part of his research on Maya literatures are available at His translations of Huberta Malina and Martín Tonalmeyotl have appeared in Asymptote, and he is the translator of the Tsotsil poetry collective Snichimal Vayuchil’s eponymous debut volume, which was published by the Digital Press at the University of North Dakota.
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The five poems translated here draw upon Ruperta Bautista Vázquez's work in which the poet elaborates on Maya cosmovision. It dovetails with her more overtly political poetry in that these poems turn literature into a site of cultural organization and healing in the 21st Century.
How to Cite: Worley, P.M., 2018. 5 poems by Ruperta Bautista Vázquez. Latin American Literary Review, 45(90). DOI:
Published on 28 Nov 2018.
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