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Reading: The Blind Knot: José Revueltas’ Los errores and the Subject


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The Blind Knot: José Revueltas’ Los errores and the Subject


Derek Beaudry

University of Pennsylvania, US
About Derek
Derek Beaudry is a Ph.D candidate in the department of Hispanic and Portuguese Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.
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The fiction of the Mexican writer, poet, and theorist José Revueltas (1914-1976) continues to inspire critical work. One aspect that underlies a good deal of this criticism is the way in which Revueltas’ fiction was often at odds or contradicted his political commitments throughout his life. In this article I argue that this tension can be attributed to a questioning of the ontological assumptions that inform both communist and liberal theory and practice of Revueltas’ era. In particular, I will focus on the novel Los errores (1964) in which this deconstructive impulse can be seen in the treatment of the subject, which is represented as constitutively divided, at times even effaced. The novel is concerned with the various aporias that the notion of a centered subject presents, including the relation between the subject and action, the role of the unconscious, and an epistemological gap between language and the real introduced by one of the protagonists from whose ideas the novel derives its title. I argue that Los errores represents an effort to think of ethics and politics beyond the notion of a unitary subject. This inclination is also evidenced in the life of Revueltas with his eventual move away from the various communist parties and towards the more experimental politics that he associated with the student movement in Mexico.
How to Cite: Beaudry, D., 2019. The Blind Knot: José Revueltas’ Los errores and the Subject. Latin American Literary Review, 46(91). DOI:
Published on 22 May 2019.
Peer Reviewed


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